We automate recurring workflows so people can get work done faster.

We’re inspired by reinventing how companies organize themselves digitally. Our flexible solution automates routine tasks quickly and easily, so work gets done faster and people can focus on what they do best.

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It’s the new way for every company to be better organized

At Flowers we believe that even the most organized companies are hampered by the complexity of forcing applications together that don’t fit very well.

We’re connected to the best CRM, data mining, project management, document management, and business solutions to offer customers a whole new way of automating and orchestrating business processes.

We’re driving the next quantum leap in business efficiency, productivity, and profitability—with enterprise-grade workflows at a fraction of the cost for companies big and small.

What kind of people are growing Flowers?

Whether you are a potential customer, partner, employee, or intern, you can expect to meet people at Flowers who see the world a little differently.


Why do you do it the way you do? If the answer is because we always do it this way, then it’s time to disrupt


When you don’t agree with something you have two choices, challenge it or stay quiet. We choose to challenge to see if we are right.


Taking the first step with a new idea can be daunting. We accept the responsibility and accountability that comes with driving change.

Crazy ones

As Steve Jobs said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

What we value

Our values set the baseline for our behavior and our culture of care—keeping us sharp, focused, and healthy along our journey

How we live

  • Be courageous
    Have the mettle to think big and act fast.
  • Disrupt then status quo
    Don’t make existing things a little better. Build new things that make the world much better.
  • Creativity
    The cornerstone of who we are is what we create.
  • We go beyond the expected
    We never let each other down.
  • Together we succeed
    We think as one team and we go beyond together.

How we breathe

  • Incredible product UX & UI
    We design to fit exactly how people work.
  • Customers first
    Build solutions that customers love and don’t want to live without.
  • Master simplicity
    Make everything as simple as possible and no simpler.
  • Diversity is our strength
    We act and behave with open minds on everything.
  • Powered by renewable energy
    Flowers technologies are 100% carbon neutral.

Beneath our desire to change the world lives our guiding culture of care

The strength of Flowers is not solely our creative people, their talents, or their accomplishments, but the way each person cares for each other, for what they do, for our customers, and for the world we live in. It’s a duty of care that inspires and motivates us to do what others are not willing to do. It is something we cultivate and look for in each employee.

We bring to work a passion to achieve something great, helping companies reach the next level of organization. Our culture of care creates an environment that unleashes the very best in each one of us, helps us win, makes us friends, and protects us on our way forward.

Our timing could not be better

Digital transformation isn’t a new challenge but no one has truly solved it. The next quantum leap in business efficiency, productivity, and profitability will come from rethinking how work is organized. The opportunity is enormous, and we’re building a model company with game-changing technology to automate recurring workflows in a better, faster, cheaper way. That’s how we roll.

Come join us on our exciting journey.

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Meet the founder Andreas, leading the next big thing

We ask people to do two things, initiate and take action. This approach makes everyone a leader of change, change that we own and drive ourselves. At Flowers we don’t get bogged down in managing the status quo, we break it to do something better.

Andreas Martin
Co-founder, CEO

We are proud to be made in Munich - Where quality lives

Building on a history of product excellence, Munich companies have earned a stellar reputation worldwide, thanks to their renowned dedication to delivering some of the highest quality products in the world.

From quality in cars, beer, chocolates, and coffee, Flowers is extending this great Munich tradition of excellence from the heart of Europe ‘s Silicon Valley.

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