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Staying compliant in a changing regulatory landscape

When mentioning compliance violations, many people immediately think of well-known scandals: RBB, VW, Deutsche Bank or Wirecard. From a lack of…

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Are you ready for the EU Whistleblower Directive?

With Flowers software as your digital whistleblower system, you can easily comply with the requirements of the EU Whistleblower Directive. Read on to…

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Workflow optimization: How to improve your work processes by going paperless

Digitization in the work process: How to optimize your workflow by going paperless

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Turning Problems into Solutions: The powerful idea that became Flowers Software

Interview with Co-Founder and CTO Daniel Vöckler.

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End of Year Reflections on Accelerated Growth at Flowers

As we prepare to close out 2022 at Flowers, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about how much we’ve achieved in just a few short months and how we did…

Is your business organized for change?
Is your business organized for change?

An interview with Founder and CEO Andreas Martin

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How Composable Process Layer Technology is Changing Work

The four core principles of business composability, and how a composable process layer enables better (and simpler) automation.

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