Automate processes and resources for better perfomance.

Increase efficiency by automating the management of processes and resources.

Simplify your processes and get your work done faster. Whether you start small or large, automate recurring tasks quickly and easily without changing your processes. Scale at your own pace and only pay for what you use.


How our customers use Flowers


Invoice Approval

Intelligently verify, communicate, and approve all your invoices digitally and from anywhere, error-free.




Contract Management

Capture and manage all your contracts digitally - quickly and easily. Numerous automations enable timely contract review, automated cancellations, reminders and flexible approval workflows.

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Whistleblower Software

With Flowers, you receive, organize and manage all internal and external breaches digitally, intelligently and securely from anywhere. Our whistleblower software enables effective communication and provides comprehensive transparency in the investigation of irregularities.

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Sick Note (eAU)

Flowers offers an out-of-the-box and customizable digital process for sick notes, taking into account the new legal regulation regarding eAU.

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Personnel File

Digitize your personnel files! In Flowers you can upload employee contracts, maintain master data and archive all payroll documents. Digital vacation requests, sick notes and travel expense reports included!


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Fleet Management

With Flowers you can fully organize your fleet. From managing the purchase or leasing contract, to scheduling inspection appointments, to storing fuel invoices.


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Document Management System (DMS)

In the secure Flowers Cloud, you can archive all important documents in an audit-proof manner and make them quickly and easily usable for all processes.

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Inventory Management

Work laptops, coffee machine or larger machines? With Flowers, you can digitally map all inventory and make it usable for your processes, such as orders. This way you always keep a complete overview of your inventory.

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Contact Management

No matter if internal contacts like employees or external contacts like customers or creditors. With Flowers, all contacts can be managed in different lists.

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Order Approvals / Requests

Orders can be requested, checked and released easily and clearly documented via Flowers. Individual modifications are possible at every step.

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Article Core Data

In Flowers, you can maintain all articles contained in the assortment with all relevant data and track changes - fully automated.


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Project Management & Monitoring

Manage your projects and store all relevant data for them. Various processes, such as budget planning, can then refer to this data.

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Commission Payment Process

Your sales heroes have scored again? In Flowers you can map the commission process for your sales reps - from the signed offer to the payment of the commission.


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Shareholders' resolution

Missing shareholder resolutions or board approvals paralyze your day-to-day business? Flowers accelerates this process and obtains the approvals independent of location and time!

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Complaints Management

Recording, documentation and processing by the right contact person. With Flowers you can create your individual process for customer, employee or business partner complaints.

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You want to create an individualized offer for your potential customers quickly and efficiently? In Flowers you can store your products and services and compile them flexibly for an offer.

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Incoming Goods Inspection

Standardized and rule-based checks of incoming goods can be individually set up, documented and archived with Flowers.

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Individual Use Case

Haven't found what you are looking for? No problem - feel free to contact us and together we will see how we can map your use case in Flowers.

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