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The market for intelligent, AI-based workflow management systems is huge and continually growing. We’re all only at the beginning of a journey to map all business processes with simple yet intelligent tools, and we’d like to offer partners the chance to benefit from this market opportunity - either by expanding their portfolios or positioning consulting services with their end customers.

Therefore, we’re excited to invite you on the Flowers Journey today!


Your Benefits as a Partner:


  • Large market potential with a unique solution

  • Attractive margins

  • Ability to position your services around intelligent, AI-based processes

  • Expansion of your product portfolio through Flowers

  • Creation of your own solutions for specific use cases based on Flowers

  • An attractive and fair partner program

  • Collaboration with one of the most innovative startups in the "Silicon Valley" of Germany


We live our commitment to your success - if you’re successful, we’re successful too.


Become a Flowers partner

Types of Partners:

We work with two types of partners and support you in a way that fits your business model. The following options are available:

Referral Partner:

If you’re a company or an individual with a good network to potential Flowers customers, you can benefit from a referral fee for leads that result in acquired customers for Flowers. In this case, the customer will be exclusively managed by Flowers, and there will be a direct contractual relationship between the customer and Flowers.

Value Added Reseller:

If you have a well-functioning consulting business or are successful in software sales acquiring new customers or expanding existing ones, the reseller partnership is right for you. You’ll be the "one face to the customer" supporting your customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle - from initial contact and marketing to customer acquisition, onboarding, support, and customer expansion. You’ll receive an attractive margin based on your annual license revenue. The contractual relationship will be between you and your customer, and only the license agreement will be directly with Flowers.


Would you like to learn more about our partner program? Please contact!

How to become a Partner:

  1. Apply through the following form  
    Become a Flowers partner
  2. Receive approval
  3. Evaluate opportunity and business case together
  4. Sign partner contract & begin onboarding 
  5. Train sales and implementation teams
  6. Joint GTM approach - at first with the active support of our sales reps 

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