How Companies Save Money with Flowers: The Software for Digital Approval Processes

We explain how you can digitize, automate, and optimize your approval processes with Flowers software, saving money, time, and resources, and increasing your company's efficiency.


Companies are constantly looking for solutions to reduce bureaucracy and speed up processes. Especially procedures involving approvals become time-consuming tasks in many companies and should be made more efficient. However, businesses often struggle to optimize and digitize work steps. In this blog post, we introduce Flowers-Software, a powerful solution that digitizes and automates approval processes of all kinds, saving you time, money, and nerves. Let's dive together into the world of digital approval processes and find out how Flowers can revolutionize your company!

What is a digital approval process?

A digital approval process is a procedure in which approvals for certain activities are obtained and processed completely digitally. The main advantage of these processes is that they increase speed while reducing bureaucracy and paperwork. This allows employees and executives to collaborate more easily and efficiently.

Some common examples of approval processes include the approval of incoming invoices, purchase orders, customer complaints, investment requests, budgets, and access permissions. Each of these processes can be digitized and automated using software like Flowers.

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The 7 Principles of Software for Digital Approval Processes

An ideal digital approval process is optimized both in terms of content and functionality. This means it is audit-proof and complete while being designed for user-friendliness and efficiency. Documents are either fed directly into the system digitally or digitized once and then processed in the process. Responsible persons are automatically informed about the status of the process, and after approval, everything is properly archived and can be accessed quickly and unchanged at any time.

The seven fundamental principles that software for approval processes should offer:

  1. Clear, 100% digital workflow from start to finish
  2. Access only for authorized users
  3. Easy and fast handling
  4. Audit-proof archiving according to GoBD
  5. CEO-friendliness: approvals without time-consuming login
  6. ZUGFeRD standard for machine processing of documents
  7. Easy and fast search by input values, document names, etc.


Flowers-Software offers all this and more! Take the important step towards more efficient and transparent approval workflows and book a free demo now:

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How does the digital approval process work with Flowers software?

Flowers-Software is a cloud-based solution for the simple, complete, and secure handling of approval processes of all kinds. The process of a digital approval process in Flowers consists of the following steps:

  1. Upload documents: Users can upload documents in various formats such as PDF, Word, or Excel into the system. The software also supports scanning paper documents, which are then digitized and automatically processed.
  2. Assign documents: After uploading, the documents are assigned to the responsible departments or persons for review and approval. The user can define different approval levels and rules to ensure that the right people review the documents.
  3. Notifications and reminders: The software automatically sends notifications to responsible persons as soon as a document is ready for approval. If approval is pending, reminders are sent to speed up the process.
  4. Grant or reject approval: Authorized users can review and approve or reject documents directly in the software. If necessary, comments or annotations can be added to make the decision-making process more transparent.
  5. Document management: Once approved, the documents are automatically archived in the system and can be found quickly at any time. The software ensures audit-proof archiving according to legal requirements.

Advantages of implementing Flowers in your company

Using Flowers-Software for approval processes offers numerous advantages. These include increased efficiency, as automation and digitization save companies time and resources that can be used for other tasks. In addition, a digital handling of approvals offers significantly better transparency, as a clear overview of all steps and the status of individual documents is provided and can be viewed at any time. This also promotes collaboration between different departments and individuals.

But why is Flowers the ideal solution?

  • Simple user interface: No prior knowledge or programming skills required – easy to use for the entire team
  • Unlimited scalability: Adaptation to the unique needs and requirements of your organization
  • Seamless integration: Effortless integration with all common applications and IT platforms, ready to use within minutes
  • Highest security: Data security is our top priority. That's why Flowers servers are ISO 27001 certified and stored exclusively in Germany. Your data is protected, encrypted, and always under your control.
  • Dedicated customer support: Our team is always available and assists with integration, optimization, and ongoing operation.
  • Compliance and security: The software ensures that all legal requirements and security standards are met.
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Overall, Flowers-Software offers an effective solution for optimizing and automating approval processes in companies. By implementing this software, companies can increase their efficiency, improve collaboration, and focus on their core business activities.

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