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The real reason why companies use Flowers software (and not just any other invoice approval software)

The real advantage of Flowers is that individual processes in the company can be gradually digitized and standardized without having to introduce new software every time or go through a lengthy change management process.


Invoice approvals, contract management, document management, there are many different areas of application for Flowers. There is also a range of alternative products for every purpose. If you only look at the functional overview of the individual specialist providers, it is often not so easy to tell the difference.

Flowers can shine in some areas (more on this here...). But the real strength is the way Flowers is implemented in companies. 

No fear of implementation

The technical implementation is relatively quick and easy, taking just a few hours, and is supervised by an individual contact person. However, anyone who has ever implemented new software knows that the internal change management process often accounts for the greater part of the work during implementation. 

By now, almost every company has had its fingers burnt by the introduction of new software. According to various studies, over 50% of all software launches fail and over 60% of projects take longer and/or are more expensive than planned.1 2 The concerns at the start of a new project are therefore not unjustified.

Building Blocks of Success

It helps that Flowers is built from flexible components and that existing processes can be digitally mapped without major changes. As with a Lego set, companies can transfer their processes to the software without having to change their usual workflows. 

Workflows are assembled from documents (e.g. invoices, contracts) and databases (e.g. supplier master data, employee contact details) (e.g. IF invoice received from vendor A THEN technical check by employee A THEN approval by department manager C).

This can be implemented quickly with clear use cases such as an invoice approval process and rolled out completely in just a few weeks. 

And This is Where the Magic Begins

Once the first use case has been successfully implemented, most customers gradually start to map further use cases in Flowers. 

The new software is live, everyone involved is happy with it and suddenly someone asks: 

  • "Couldn't we map our ordering process via Flowers?" Sure. 
  • "Couldn't we submit our travel expenses via Flowers?" Of course. 
  • "Couldn't we map the painting process at our dealership via Flowers?" Uh, sure, why not.

In fact, customers often don't even ask us whether they can map another process using Flowers, but instead build their own processes as soon as they are familiar with the system. 

In our customers' accounts, we have already discovered over 30 completely new process types that have been digitized using the existing tools (although we are always available to provide support with the design and introduction of new processes if required).

And that is the real advantage of Flowers. Gradually, individual processes in the company can be digitized and standardized without having to introduce new software every time or go through a lengthy change management process.

Flexibility Through Usage-based Billing

The whole thing is supported by Flowers' usage-based pricing model. Payment is only made per workflow executed. This means that the costs are easy to calculate and control and it is possible to add further use cases without having to book additional packages or licenses. 

You can implement Flowers today for invoice approval and keep all options open. If you only decide in 3 years (or never) to map another process via Flowers, you do not have to pay for functions that are not used at all in the meantime. 

In addition, this approach prevents a fragmented, expensive and costly to maintain IT landscape with silos and predetermined breaking points.

As a result, more than 250 companies (an excerpt from our customers) have gradually digitized their processes and practically put together their own personalized ERP system. Without any mammoth projects or SAP consultants.

Apply it to Your Company

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