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End of Year Reflections on Accelerated Growth at Flowers

As we prepare to close out 2022 at Flowers, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about how much we’ve achieved in just a few short months and how we did it.

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As we prepare to close out 2022 at Flowers, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about how much we’ve achieved in just a few short months and how we did it. I want to share my reflections with our community because I believe we’re really onto something at Flowers - both as a company and as a solution provider - that has the potential to transform work over the next few years.  Have a read and see if you agree!

Our Growth Journey in 2022

This time last year, the Flowers team was just three of us. We had a vision and a dream to turn our little startup into something much bigger. But honestly, it felt like an impossible task at first - we were working out of cramped apartments with barely enough money to keep the lights on.

But then April arrived, and that's when everything changed! We secured seed funding from some incredible investors who believed in our vision and wanted to help us reach our potential. It was such an exciting moment - suddenly, all of those big dreams that seemed so far away suddenly felt within reach!

With this newfound security came opportunities for growth: we hired new staff members and  industry experts, rebranded ourselves with a fresh new look and website, launched innovative features specifically tailored to meet our customers' needs..the list goes on! Today there are over 25 people in the Flowers team – it’s been an amazing transformation in just a few short months.

What has been the biggest driver for our rapid growth?  First of all, people: our investors, advisors, employees, and amazing customers, who trust their business processes to Flowers every day. But more than that, it’s the fact that Flowers software meets a critical business need for every SME that has so far been underserved: the ability to seamlessly automate repetitive tasks across the business for improved savings, productivity and transparency.

Flowers can automate virtually any type of approval workflow quickly and easily, but let’s look at invoice approval because it’s very time consuming if not automated… and incredibly easy to automate!

Invoice Approval Automation: Why Your Business Needs it Now

As a CEO and former controller, I understand the importance of invoice approvals to ensure that all financial records are accurate and up-to-date. While manual processing of invoices may seem like a viable option, using software for invoice approvals is a much better choice for a company’s long-term success. Here’s why:

Time Savings - Software for invoice approvals can save your business time by automating many of the processes associated with manual data entry and review. By automating these tasks, you can quickly review invoices and approve or reject them without having to manually go through each document one at a time. This means that the entire process is streamlined and completed more quickly than ever before.

Reduced Errors - Another reason why businesses should use software for invoice approvals is that it reduces errors associated with manual data entry. By automating data entry, fewer mistakes are made, resulting in fewer instances of inaccurate information being entered into the system. Additionally, automated systems can flag any errors before they become a problem, helping to keep your financial records organized and accurate at all times.

Data Security - Finally, software for invoice approvals also provides an added layer of security when it comes to keeping sensitive customer data secure. Automated systems can help protect customer information from unauthorized access or manipulation by encrypting stored data and providing more control over who has access to this information. This helps ensure that customer information remains safe while still allowing authorized personnel to view and edit it as needed.

Using software for invoice approvals is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to increase their efficiency and ensure the accuracy of their financial records. Investing in this technology now will help ensure your company’s long-term success.

Conclusion and final thoughts

Invoice approval automation is a single use case but Flowers can automate any type of workflow with the same business benefits, creating a multiplier effect across the business.  And we’ll be adding even more exciting capabilities in 2023 that will enable companies to seamlessly manage company resources and get work done faster.

As we approach the end of this extraordinary year I'm feeling deeply grateful for all that has been accomplished by this incredible team and our amazing business community. The future looks even brighter than before and I can't wait to see what lies ahead!

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